Chapman & Bailey Exhibition 2007

Heather's current exhibition "As Above So Below" is a series of abstract paintings depicting a sense of spirit or higher consciousness. A series of works, which explore the construct of space, and density on which the viewer can contemplate the paintings contents. Each painting has a transcendental sensitivity, which at times incorporates the two dimensionality of Eastern Printmaking and Painting style. Within other works the painting rendering is stylistically Western orientated.

The viewer may discern abstracted patterns and layering of paint juxtaposed by the protruding density of the marble layered upon the surface of the canvas. Yet these are far from literal interpretations and that direct interpretation is not what Heathers paintings are about. Each painting is rich in colour, texture and movement, which often seam to belie a sophistication of the artworks constructive process.

This is Heather's first solo exhibition in Melbourne after exhibiting in Singapore, 2005-2006 where her Paintings were placed in the Australian High Commission and the gallery Ode To Art in Singapore after presentation at the Singapore Art Fair.

Matisse writes:

Colour exists in itself, has its own beauty... Once my eye was unclogged, cleansed by the Japanese crepons, I was capable of really absorbing the colours because of their emotive power... By its properties this art suggests a larger and truly plastic space. That helped me get away from intimate painting.

Thus my revelation came from the orient.

I had to get away from the imitation, even the light. One can provoke light by the invention of flats, as with the harmonies if music. I used a colour as a means of my emotion and not as a transcription of nature. I use the simplest of colours. I don't transform them myself, it is the relationship which takes charge of them. Nothing prevents composition with a few colours, like music which is only built on seven notes"

Matisse On Art,
The Path Of Colour. 1947

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